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The Artist

'The Artist', winner of five Oscars including

Author: jayakrishnan.jayabal / Date: Mon, 02/27/2012 - 12:00

The Artist

'The Artist', winner of five Oscars including the top 3, shows us one thing - a movie that has its heart in right place will win the audience anywhere. Though the story may not be very original (especially for us, where movies with high doses of sentiments is norm), this film would still be very appealing because of its sheer brilliance in the presentation of the story.

Michel Hazanavicius hits the bull's eye, where not a single scene is not impressive. He extracts the right amount of emotions from each character and keeps the audience immersed in the happenings. His usage of props in the background to describe the characters is note worthy. As there are no dialogues, except for the last scene, music plays an integral part of the movie and keeps the tempo up. The usage of silence towards the climax is a master stroke.

Jean Dujardin, as the silent movie star George, has lived as the character. He makes us laugh, sad, sympathize and immensely moves everyone towards the end. Berenice Bejo provides an outstanding supporting act. The dog 'Uggie' should have been at least nominated for an Oscar under special category - it is the third star of the movie!

All the Oscars won by the movie are well deserved. Do not miss it!