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Have I given too much rating for Kaaka Muttai?

Author: krishnababu jayabal / Date: Thu, 07/09/2015 - 02:05 / Tags: Dhanush, Kaaka Muttai, M Manikandan, Manikandan, Review, The Crow's Egg, Vetrimaaran

One of my friends raised the above question and it might be in the minds of few more. He had not watched the movie but asked me this question after reading my review. I could have asked him to watch the movie and then check if my rating is right. But the scale he would use to rate and mine will differ. Again, he might have the same question. So, here is my explanation.

Facts considered while assessing Kaaka Muttai:

  1. Debut attempt
  2. Manikandan didn’t compromise on the content even though first time directors give up to the pressure from producers. Karthik Subburaj couldn’t convince the producer to make Jigarthanda and had to settle for Pizza. Shankar is yet to do his dream script ‘Azhagiya Kuyile’ and even though he is a well established director, he may not use that script at all. He is still compromising.
  3. It takes courage to be different and choose a less treaded path. First time directors could choose a sure-fire hit script and go along with the trend. But Manikandan went against that.
  4. The movie, while entertaining, touches upon very relevant social issues and makes you think about them without being loud.
  5. Except for the music department, movie is technically brilliant.
  6. When you consider the quality of this movie with other movies in Tamil cinema, Kaaka Muttai is way ahead and this needs to be acknowledged.

Had it been a seasoned director like Bala, I might have rated this 8.5 deducting 0.5 for less than impressive music and minor flaws in direction. But, as I mentioned in my review, I chose to ignore them, so that I might encourage few more people to watch this one and be a minor catalyst to a change in taste for quality movies. Even when the buzz was positive, Uttama Villain did worse than an inferior movie like Kanchana 2. If people have been appreciative about good movies, Uttama Villain wouldn’t have suffered such fate.

We cannot expect only Kamal Haasan, Mani Ratnam, Bala or selective few to provide quality movies regularly. Everyone else like Rajni, Shankar, Vijay, Ajith, Surya and so many others should pull their weights too and try their best to provide quality movies occasionally at least. Masala entertainers alone will not be enough. While profiting through entertainment is the main focus of movies, once in a while they could be positive and change agents too like Kaaka Muttai.

Last week, I gave 10/10 for ‘Inside Out’. It was a moving experience and it didn’t leave my thoughts for so long. - you can read here that the movie changed many people like me. It is a classic example of positive change agent.

‘Kaaka Muttai’ is no less. We will not look at slum kids with disgust after watching this movie. You might not have felt so but I shamefully confess that I was disgusted when I saw them in their dirty clothes near Chennai Citi Center, even though the mall is located in their area. I will no longer be that person and will be more empathetic towards them hereafter. I will be more appreciative about my life, my family and friends.

When a movie can change its viewers, in a positive way, wouldn’t you call it a true cinema?

- G

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