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Are these upcoming most awaited movies remakes? Why?

Author: krishnababu jayabal / Date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 23:22

Before we begin let me clear the air, I’m not someone who dislikes remakes.

Don’t get me wrong from the below points, as I do believe as long as you can do justice to the original if not improvise, there is no crime in doing remakes. Also a remake should be legit, be it monetary or a cordial mention, the idea originator should always be credited for!

But, which factors warrant for a remake? Let’s read further.

Why do films getting remade often these days? Is there dearth of original ideas? Can’t we invest time and energy in getting an original script?

Answers for these would be ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Although there may be umpteen number of reasons to remake a film, in general the very idea of remaking has to fall in one of the below 2 categories.

  1. The maker getting supremely impressed with the original content and wanted to bring the concept to his industry to make sure his own clans experience the same feel as he got and to spread the content to more wider audience!
  2. The maker getting impressed with the original content and off the cuff he knew he has a winner in his hand. Boom, there he gets the idea of making the same content again, since he knew it’s going to be quick and a near fail proof product to make cash registers ringing loud!

Well, commercial success is what every product will be aimed after but there is a silver lining in terms of intentions, which should be understood and looked upon.

Getting back to the topic, as soon as I heard the news of my favorite stars next movies are going to be remakes, I was shocked a bit and then came the curious factor to know ‘what original is that!’ which impressed my favorites to go that extra mile to remake them here.

Before we go any further, let me introduce you to the original movies first.

  1. My Dear Desperado - A romantic comedy, Korean movie, released in 2010.

Being a fan of Korean movies (both light-hearted and bloodshed violence), I was sure what to expect before even the curtain raised for my show. To my expectation movie was decent, which had its quirky moments unique to Korean flavor.  Now getting to the plot, story revolves around a girl, who is desperate to stand on her own moving to a nearby city and happens to share wall with a long time thug, who is at a fading stage of his goon career but still believes himself as a don.  Ok, the chord hit me when I knew the casting for this re-make. I reckon this is going to be a good one, which has ample scope to suit the nativity and lot of room for humor. There is a scene when the female protagonist refers her relation with the thug to be equated to Eskimo’s love (worth to be researched and known). And intentionally, this Tamil remake I’m talking about is tentatively titled to be the same. There can’t be a better title which suits this tale andthere can hardly be anything going wrong is my assumption.!

Moving to the second film,

  1. Sleepless Night – A crime thriller, French movie, released in 2011

Having witnessed very few thrillers from French industry, my expectations on this were high, since I know better of the person who got impressed and trying to remake this!

To sum up my view on this one, it was an edge of the seat thriller that keeps you glued for its entirety!. The plot here is a cop gets himself involved in a messed up drug robbery and unintentionally drags his family in the mix up of events, which also involve a night club owner, drug mafia and two cops following him. The premise sets up for non-stop thrilling moments and it provides you that just right. With most of the events set place in a night club, this is one of the most cost effective grand thrillers I have seen in recent times. Now getting my thoughts back in motion to connect this with the man, who is going to remake it, I got reminded of his films in recent past. Having seen his urge for doing more films off-late, more of quickies, also with somebody who can ghost direct the script for him, just acting being his responsibility, my view is this remake is going to be nothing but a safe bet. Nothing more, really!

Well, I do believe all his nonstop work over finishing more movies (stumbled upon a fact that he matched up his record after couple of decades, having 3 releases in a same year in same language) is to get himself ready to work on a biggie. Because he is the one started it, still capable of it and have to give it!

After cruising through both originals, it’s time for me to unveil the remakes planned to be made in Tamil cinema, and they belong to ‘Nalan Kumarasamy’s – Eskimo Kadhal (tentative)’ and ‘Kamal haasan’s - Thoongavanam’ respectively.

I’m not going to mention which one belongs to which category of remake that I earlier described and leave that out to you to decide and decode. :)

Now let’s wait for both to be made, promoted and released and then be compared with their originals. But hey originals are always originals, so don’t wait to check them out and evaluate the remakes yourselves!!
 - Guest post by Sathish Subramanian. 

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