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The Good Dinosaur (English, 2015) - Review

Author: krishnababu jayabal / Date: Thu, 12/17/2015 - 09:13 / Tags: Disney, Frances McDormand, Peter Sohn, Pixar, Raymond Ochoa

Riding on the success of ‘Inside Out’, Disney Pixar comes out with ‘The Good Dinosaur’, which has been in the making for quite a while. It had missed its 2013 and 2014 release dates, as the original story was not “working” and had to be redeveloped couple of times, resulting in Pixar having two of its movies releasing in the same year (for the first time). Has the Dinosaur movie helped Pixar in maintaining its enviable track record?

In an alternative world, where the dreaded asteroid that wiped the Dinosaurs and millions of other species from Earth had safely passed by, there is a family of Apatosaurus dinosaurs living peacefully as farmers. Arlo is the youngest of all and feels inferior to his siblings, because he is weak and timid. As fate would have it, after a storm hitting his family hard, Arlo has to find his courage and true self, to overcome his worst fears. It is a jungle trip of Arlo and a cave boy, with other Jurassic era creatures thrown in the mix bringing either amusement or danger to the duo.

The Good Dinosaur, like 'Brave', is more of a Disney movie than a Pixar one. The story is straight-forward, kids-friendly, with some humour, wannabe tear-jerker and having little to ponder . There are not many problems with the movie but at the same time, there is nothing that stands out. Yes, the animation is top notch. Sometimes, too realistic to believe the objects are animated. It has great background score by Mychael Danna with touches of Indian music. Voices by young Raymond Ochoa, veterans like Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand and the director Peter Sohn (voice cameo!) are fine. But it never meets 'The Pixar' standard, mostly because of the screenplay having no magic in it. It is a predictable affair and we would have seen similar movies plenty of times. I guess, after having the initial idea of "Dinosaur meets cave man", the writers (five of them including the director) ran out of luck to make it a plausible movie without cliches.

The Good Dinosaur is what you can call "Family Funtertainment". Enjoy Disney, Forget Pixar!





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