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Vettah (Malayalam) - Review - Slow, Flawed and Farfectched

*ing - Manju Warrier, Kunchako Boban, Indrajith Sukumaran, Sandhya, Sanusha, Vijayaraghavan

Vettah is the last film of late director Rajesh Pillai, it is a thriller loosely based on Spanish thriller El Cuerpo (The Body). One of the difficulties of creating a good thriller movie is that the plot and story line should be kept on a tight leash or even if the plot wanders, then the culmination point should be matured and handled deftly. This is where Rajesh Pillai misses out totally. To the director's credit, the movie is intriguing but with a little more matured thought process and handling, this could have been a fine thriller.

** Spoiler Alert - skip the paragraph if you would rather not know the plot **

[spoiler]Commisioner of Police Sreebala (Manju Warrier) is a devoted mother and a caring daughter. She is a cop because of her father (Vijayaraghavan) who was a Circle Inspector. She is tasked with the investigation of a missing actress Uma Sathyamoorthi (Sanusha Sanoop) along with her college mate Emil (Mithun Ramesh). ACP Xylex Abraham (Indrajith Sukumaran), a colleague and a close friend of Sreebala, is assisting her in the investigation. They nab their prime suspect Melvin Philip (Kunchako Boban), who wastes no time in confessing to the murder of the two missing people but cannot seem to remember the spot in High Range where he hid the bodies. But all is not black and white with Melvin. He also confesses to killing his wife Sherin Melvin (Sandhya) because of her affair with Emil and actress Uma was just collateral damage when trying to kill Emil. What happens in the course of investigation, how are the incidents interconnected and what was the real motive behind the kidnapping forms the rest of the story.[/spoiler]


Director Rajesh Pillai and writer Arunlal Ramachandran have put in enough thought to close some loop holes in the story line but if they had put the same amount of thought process to perfect the plot and the incidents that happen in the movie, then this would have been an interesting watch. The pace of the movie is slow for a thriller, sometimes agonizingly that it came close to watching a serial episode. The new kind of thrillers these days involve committing the crime and getting away from the police because of the perfection in the crime. Rajesh Pillai wanted to do such a movie but alas it is not. Melvin's character calls his killing of the wife a perfect crime, but it is anything but perfect, it is more like a fluke crime. Same is the case with the rest of the killings in the movie. Calling the murders far-fetched is in fact putting it mildly.

Manju Warrier as Sreebala IPS has done well. Though the performance through out the movie cannot be termed as exceptional acting, there are places where she has excelled. One of the things that determine the quality of the actor is how well he/she handles displaying the anguish or sadness and Manju Warrier is a class act when it comes to that. What she misses out on is the firebrand style acting as a cop. The only other actor who comes close to matching Manju Warrier's acting is Kunchako Boban as the antagonist with salt and pepper look and a menacing smile. Indrajith has done his job, and there is nothing much because such is the characterization of Xylex Abraham. He just did what is required of him, nothing more. Sandhya has limited screen time and has given a sincere performance. Sanusha's role is more like a cameo appearance. The rest of the cast did their job well.

Music by Shaan Rahman is passable for the songs, but is immature for background score. For example, when Manju Warrier first comes to look at the crime scene, the background music is pedestrian. Cinematography by Anishlal is good and he has used helicopter shots generously. Editing by Abhilash Balachandran is non-existent.

Verdict: It is a slow and an improbable hunt.


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