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Theri (Tamil) - Review - Same old... same old... cliched mass masala entertainment

Author: vivek velusamy / Date: Thu, 04/14/2016 - 04:03 / Tags: Amy Jackson, Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu

*ing - Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Amy Jackson, Baby Nainika, J Mahendran, Prabhu, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Rajendran

Atlee who debuted with Raja Rani, a box office entertainer, has given another box office entertainer. This time he directs his inspiration in the cine industry, Vijay. The movie would be loved by Vijay fans and no question it would rake in solid numbers in the box office collections. Well, the reason is that the movie is tried and tested age old mass entertainment sans logic. Atlee has worked as assistant to Shankar for around 5 years and that shows in one of the songs but that's about it. The sharpness in Shankar's products are not seen in here. When saying that, there is no question about the talent the young director packs. If only, he shows courage to do a different style.

*Spoiler alert* 

Joseph Kuruvilla (Vijay) is a single parent of Niveditha (Nainika) and runs a bakery in  Kerala. Rajendran (Naan Kadavul Rajendran) is his assistant at the bakery. He has an old Rajdoot bike in which he drops his daughter in school very late almost everyday. Niveditha's teacher is Annie (Amy Jackson), who after a minor accident and police intervention suspects that Joseph could be Vijayakumar. She finds out from Google that he is Vijayakumar IPS, a former Deputy Commissioner of Chennai. The flashback narrates Vijayakumar's love story with Mithra (Samantha) and his rivalry with minister Vanamamalai (Mahendran) and what made Vijayakumar live a life in hiding with a changed identity. The rest of the movie is about renewing the rivalry and extracting revenge on the baddies.

One good thing is that the director has not taken the audience for a fool. The other nice thing is that the director touches the social issue of safety of IT women at night. The movie, though not completely, defies logic in many places and has many loopholes. Samantha is shot in her hip and dies instantly with eyes open and after a few minutes she returns from the dead only to save her daughter and decide she is not going to survive. How the missing dead bodies of a man and child are covered up is unknown. The screenplay makes the movie a tedious watch with the songs slowing the movie down considerably. The runtime of over two and half hours could have been reduced if some unnecessary songs and scenes could have been done away with. The scene involving Sunaina is totally redundant. Some of the sentiment scenes feel like they are out of a mega serial where they show all the faces one by one. The movie also has many cliches and the height of it is the foreign muscle-head goon. I think I last saw that in Ulavuthurai nearly 20 years ago.

Vijay has not overdone anything for most of the movie. Though nothing extraordinary, he has given a good all round show with slight comedy, some sentiment and some action sequences. He has handled all of them cleanly. His Vijayakumar is slightly better than Joseph Kuruvilla. Samantha Ruth Prabhu as is expected gives bad facial expressions and the acting has improved just a wee bit, that is considering her standards of acting. Her make up does not help at all. The introduction scene make up is bad as in BAD. Amy Jackson though is in a redundant character gives a better expression than Samantha but the dialogue delivery and lip sync are totally haywire. Director Mahendran who is acting after 12 years does a decent job of a baddie. Prabhu did well in the small character required of him. That look he gives Mahendran when informing of his suspicions is class act. Raadhika doesn't get the stage in her role to showcase her mettle. Baby Nainika, actress Meena's daughter, is a bundle of cuteness and shares a beautiful chemistry with Vijay as his daughter.

This is GV Prakash's 50th film as shown in the title credits and he has done a very good job with the background score where he mixes kerala style chanda during the stunts is catchy. The same cannot be said for the songs. No complaints though. Atlee who introduced George C. Williams as cinematographer in his previous movie, has retained him and he has done well within the scope given. Editing by Anthony Ruben is absolutely non-existent. Stunt choreography by Super Subbarayan's son Dhilip Subbarayan is regular but the climax fight choreographed by Kaloiyan Vodenicharov is not reminescent of his talent as seen in Baahubali and Troy. The worst of the lot is the dance choreography by Sherif (Ungalil yaar adutha Prabhudeva fame). Vijay is a much capable dancer than shown in the movie. Hope he improves in his coming movies.

Verdict: Vijay fan? - Damn the critics!, mass entertainment lover? - Damn the logic! neither one? - Nee Theri Baby!