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Are these upcoming most awaited movies remakes? Why?

Author: krishnababu jayabal / Date: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 23:22

Before we begin let me clear the air, I’m not someone who dislikes remakes.

Don’t get me wrong from the below points, as I do believe as long as you can do justice to the original if not improvise, there is no crime in doing remakes. Also a remake should be legit, be it monetary or a cordial mention, the idea originator should always be credited for!

But, which factors warrant for a remake? Let’s read further.

Why do films getting remade often these days? Is there dearth of original ideas? Can’t we invest time and energy in getting an original script?

It is raining bad movies!

Whenever I watch couple of good movies consecutively, a fear build up - when my lucky streak is going to end! The probability of my next movie watching experience being dreadful increases with the current movie being good. Except for Maari, most of the movies I watched in the past few weeks were either very good or entertaining.

The movies in my watch list that got released last week are

1. Pixels
2. Orange Mittai
3. Idhu Enna Maayam
4. Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar


Have I given too much rating for Kaaka Muttai?

Author: krishnababu jayabal / Date: Thu, 07/09/2015 - 02:05 / Tags: Dhanush, Kaaka Muttai, M Manikandan, Manikandan, Review, The Crow's Egg, Vetrimaaran

One of my friends raised the above question and it might be in the minds of few more. He had not watched the movie but asked me this question after reading my review. I could have asked him to watch the movie and then check if my rating is right. But the scale he would use to rate and mine will differ. Again, he might have the same question. So, here is my explanation.

Facts considered while assessing Kaaka Muttai: