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Ko 2 - Potentially powerful movie makes a recovery too little too late

Author: vivek velusamy / Date: Sat, 05/14/2016 - 20:19 / Tags: Prakash Raj, Bobby Simha, Ko 2, Ko 2 Review, Nikki Galrani, Sarath Mandava
Ko 2 review

*ing - Bobby Simha, Nikki Galrani, Prakash Raj, Nassar, Karunakaran, Ilavarasu, Bala Saravanan, John Vijay

The directors these days have the intention of giving a unique entertainer and they do the research and ground work for that. But they miss out on the logical feasibility of many things. That is the case with Ko 2 also. The first part directed by K. V. Anandh, though a success, had logical loopholes and Ko 2 is no different either. Sarath Mandava who has worked as assistant director for some well known movies such as Unnai Pol Oruvan and Billa 2, borrows the story from Telugu movie Prathinidhi debuts as director for Ko 2. More maturity in characterization and screenplay could have done loads of good for the movie.

*Spoiler Alert*

Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Yogeshwaran (Prakash Raj) is kidnapped by Kumaran (Bobby Simha) and held hostage in an old building, which the CM was slated to inaugurate as an old age home at the request of a minister's son Bala (Bala Saravanan). Home Minister Thillainayagam (Ilavarasu) reluctantly agrees to hand over the negotiation and investigation to Commissioner Sandhana Pandian (John Vijay). Sandhana Pandian is assisted by Inspector Arivazhagan (Bharath Reddy). Kidnapper Kumaran puts forth valid demands disguised in a quirky way. Is the CM rescued? What is the motive behind the kidnapping? What roles do Bala, Priyadarshini (Nikki Galrani), Kumarasamy (Nassar) and Kumaran (Karunakaran) play in the kidnapping? The answers to these questions form the crux of the movie.

A common man kidnapping the CM is a simple yet strong plot that was first seen in Cheran's Desiya Geetham and then later in Prathinidhi from which Ko 2 is borrowed. With the Tamilnadu elections just around the corner, releasing a political thriller is a brilliant marketing strategy. But the movie is handled with immaturity and the first half of the movie is pedestrian that even when the movie recovers in the second half, the damage is already done. The characterization is bad,  thrills are illogical, actors perform poorly and all these make the first half so bad that audience start resenting the decision to watch the movie. Loopholes galore in the movie. Some examples are the Chief Security Officer of the protection detail letting the CM go unprotected into a lift in a building that is not vetted out by the body guards, and when the NSG commandos use thermal wave monitoring system used by Disaster Recovery teams to identify that 2 people are in the building and when there is no one in the building, it is a no-brainer on where they should have looked.

Bobby Simha as Kumaran imitates Rajinikanth in most of the scenes (though the director warned him not to do it - as claimed by the director himself). In dramatic scenes Bobby Simha holds his fort, but is totally out of place in the romantic duet.  Nikki Galrani as Kumaran's colleague and lover Priyadarshini doesn't have much importance in the movie, she still overacts. For an actress who received awards and critical acclaim, she doesn't meet the standards she set. John Vijay as Commissioner Sandhana Pandian gives a very stilted performance. He probably tried to imitate Posani Krishna Murali too much. His English accent is passable but he makes it look so forced and unnatural. Karunakaran plays a cameo and does it efficiently. The same cannot be said of Nassar's cameo. Uncharacteristically for Nassar, he overdid the character just a pinch. The best performances come from the two veteran actors Prakash Raj and Ilavarasu. Prakash Raj portrays the mellowed down aggression brilliantly whereas Ilavarasu (with a make up resembling O. Panneerselvam) gives a solid performance. Rest of the cast do a passable act.

Music by Leon James is refreshing but it cannot be termed as exemplary. But he has the potential and will get there. Dialogues by Bakkiam Sankar and Raja Ram impress sporadically. The dialogues between Kumaran and the CM are good. Editing by Kevin is crisp. Philip Sundar and Venkat M handling the camera did well where it is required. Action sequences were clumsy and that is being generous. 

Verdict: Interesting second half doesn't make up for the first half disaster


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