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Marudhu aka Maruthu Review (Tamil, 2016) - Abominable stale tale

Author: krishnababu jayabal / Date: Sun, 05/22/2016 - 03:39 / Tags: Marudhu, Maruthu, Review, Tamil, 2016, Vishal, Muthaiah
Marudhu aka Maruthu Review (Tamil)

Starring Vishal, Sri Divya, Soori, R.K.Suresh, Kulappulli Leela. Directed by Muthaiah.

After struggling with a string of unsuccessful movies, Vishal started to produce his movies starting from Pandiya Nadu. The strategy turned successful, as his movies started doing brisk business, even though not all of his recent movies pass muster. But Marudhu is not his own production. After seeing the movie, I doubt he would have produced it himself. Muthaiah, director of violent rural subject movies Kuttipuli and Komban, has given yet another similar movie in Marudhu.

Marudhu (Vishal) is a coolie/loadman, who lives with his grandmother (Kulappulli Leela) and his sidekick, Kokkarakko (Soori). He crosses path with ‘Rolex’ Pandian, an evil counsellor (R.K.Suresh), when Marudhu starts seeing Bhagyam (Sri Divya). ‘Rolex’ Pandian has some unfinished business with Bhagyam and her father, and wants to eliminate both of them. Rest of the movie is about why ‘Rolex’ Pandian is behind them, and whether Marudhu could beat him.

Kuttipuli had a gruesome ending, where I couldn’t sit through. Komban too had a similar climax. But Marudhu starts preparing its audience from the first scene itself, where the sickles work overtime. We could see from Kutti Puli and Komban that Muthaiah is proud of his background and wants to showcase his culture to the world. Here too, he is more loud about the same including the caste details. The way his characters speak about killing someone in every alternate dialogue, with pride, makes me doubt if Muthaiah thinks such violence is a good thing about the culture he wants to showcase. His women characters are not weak (except the heroine, who after getting married, is content with doing household chores and gets ready to bear children) but they are also shown in bad light, as they too want someone to die violently. I sincerely wish censor board starts considering such violent subjects with more seriousness by giving an ‘A’ rating. It’s a U/A here, which doesn’t mean anything nowadays.

Its script looks like something Bharathiraja or Raj Kiran had rejected, when they were at their peak. Its an age old plot with harebrained characters plotting to kill each other like animals. The hero either roams behind a girl, where there is no spark, or gets into fist/sickle fight and beats the baddies. There is no shred of intelligence anywhere to be seen except for when the hero uses a magnet to fetch some keys from the toilet (I am not kidding!). The villain just kills people, in some unimaginable ways. Muthaiah has used real locations and wants to be as authentic as possible and gets into details, when they are absolutely not necessary. When he could have detailed a bit about how events progress, he just skips them. There is no need to show for more than 10 minutes, how old people are killed in some rural areas. I don’t know if such barbaric practises still exist. This is filmmaking at its worst.

D.Imman forgets to be in the background and comes to the foreground with his loud score. His songs are not even passable. Velraj puts a lot of efforts behind the camera to capture the shots beautifully, especially the stunt scenes and I just wish he could have done such a commendable job in some other good movie. Editor Praveen K.L. tries his best to put the scenes in order but he cannot be blamed for the sloppy script and poor direction. Stunt director Arasu (I skip writing his title in English for a reason) has done a good job.

Vishal might have thought this is a good hero material and it is a nice break from city based subjects. Karthi did the same mistake in Komban. It turns out to be a template material with few alternate songs and fights, and with some unmoving sentiments. Vishal, though fits the rugged character to a T, doesn’t have anything to do acting wise. Sri Divya has some meaty role till the first half. Kulappulli Leela tries too hard to be a Manorama. With the lip sync going haywire (dubbing is horrendous for other characters as well), her artificial acting doesn’t help in connecting with her character or its plight. Soori doesn’t have anything to do except for few one liners. R.K.Suresh shows enough menace to be afraid of him. We have seen him worse in Thara Thappattai. I hope he stops doing such characters and tries other kind of characters. If not, he will be stereotyped and disappear soon. The confusion in the characterisation of Radha Ravi makes his acting unstable. Other supporting characters do their job as expected.

The pitfalls in the movie negates anything good about the movie. The uncomfortable feeling you will get watching few scenes may make you leave the cinema hall immediately. For such brilliant and outstanding feat, I give the ultimate score to Marudhu.


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